Woman Captures Return Of Her Dead Cat Blackjack


Chlochan, a Reddit user from Swindon, England, recently shared a video supposedly capturing her dead cat. Chlochan really loved her cat Blackjack who passed away a year ago. Now that the little kitty is gone, Chlochan is surely missing him.

Meet Blackjack!

Millions of Reddit users reacted to Chlochan’s post on Reddit. Many even tried to give some explanation for this incident. The “stray blanket” theory was also among the many explanations given by the users. The “stray blanket” theory is a camera matrixing issue hypothesis which occurs due to the contrast-brightness differential between the room and the camera, etc.

Many Reddit users do not believe that ghosts exist. However, this cannot be known for sure. Was it actually Blackjack? Maybe Chlochan’s dead cat misses her equally.

Talking about the incident, Chloe said that it was just like any other day. She had been out of her home for a few hours. After getting home, she checked on her two cats to ensure that they were inside and wouldn’t get in the way when she opens the front door in order to take out the back seats for her partner’s stepdad’s minivan.

Chloe did not find anything unusual when she checked in on her cats and looked at the sofa. However, when she checked the cameras later, something was weird. It seemed like her dead cat Blackjack.

Check out the pictures here!

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Even though Chloe terribly misses Blackjack, her loving partner and two cats don’t leave her alone even for a minute. Chloe’s other two cats are called Rummy and Logan. These fur balls are totally adorable. Maybe Blackjack actually visited his family or maybe it was just all imagination.

Check the video here!

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