UK planning to Reintroduce Huge Alsatian-Sized Wild Cats to Control Deer Population


In the 1950s, the worldwide population of Lynx dwindled to less than a thousand, seven hundred to be exact. But now plans are underway to reintroduce these stunning cats to the British shores once again.

After spending around thirteen hundred years away from the UK, Lynx will be reintroduced. These wild cats help to keep the deer numbers in control and allow forestry and farming to flourish. The Lynx UK trust carried out a survey earlier this year and ninety one percent of people supported the move.

Necessity of Approval

The new measures will affect the landowners and farmers the most. Thus, it is necessary to consult them first. Only after approval, the plan will be taken to the next stage.

In case approval of the farmers and landowners is obtained, the wild cats will be introduced once again around the country. Some of the places where Lynx will be reintroduced include Argyll, Aberdeenshire, Norfolk, Northumberland and Cumbria.

Risks of Reintroducing Lynx

The risks associated with bringing back the majestic cats are almost next to negligible. They are not a threat to humans in any way. Livestock and pets will also be safe. Reintroducing these big cats will only be beneficial to the countryside.

Other European nations including Germany and France have already brought back these majestic cats. Presently, the species is flourishing very well around the world with ranging around fifty thousand in numbers.

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Dr Paul O’ Donoghue, the chief scientist of Lynx UK Trust, described the reintroduction of the Lynx in the United Kingdom as a ‘big step’. The national consultation will continue for a year before detailed discussions at the local level.

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