Nobody Could Find The Cat In This Picture, And Her Owner Posted A Whole Gallery Of Her Ninja Cat


If you live with a cat, you’re familiar with the mini heart-attack you get when you return home and your fluffball is nowhere to be found. However, Grace Spelman, a New York based comedian and writer is used to this routine. The hide and seek game are a daily thing for this hooman-feline duo.

We have put together Grace’s tweets for our readers from her popular Twitter game “Where’s Pierogi”. Scroll through these amazing posts by Grace and see if you can find Pierogi. Don’t forget to share the fun with your friends and family.

Can you spot the little white fluffball?

Hint: This is What Pierogi Looks like

For those of you who couldn’t find her and the lazy bums who didn’t even bother looking – Here’s Pierogi!

Most Watched - Video of the Day

And now onto other “Where’s Pierogi” pictures















The beginning of this amazing routine dates back to October when Grace and her cat Pierogi had moved into a new apartment. The curios catto did not wait in the slightest to explore every corner of their new abode. With each passing day, the kitty found a new hiding spot, each one smarter than the previous one. Grace was taking a liking to this newfound arrangement and decided to take this fun on to her Twitter handle. She got plenty of her followers to participate by posting several new editions of what she calls “Where’s Pierogi” every week since then.





















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