13 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Pure Evil


If you are of the opinion that cats are one hundred percent pure evil, you have ended up in the right photo gallery. We have put together a bunch of pictures for our readers that prove that cats are really mean and in their own secret way, they are making vague but continuous attempts to take over the world.

They have been making their presence felt all over the internet and the netizens have been hypnotized with these awwdorable pictures. Every day, billions of cat pictures flood social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and it never quite stops.

Regardless of their cute and fluffy exterior, this photo gallery is here to reveal an entirely different portrait of felines and will show what they are really like. Although, could it be that this photo gallery is nothing but a smear campaign initiated by dog lovers who are trying to win a battle against cat lovers? It could!

But even if you are someone who adores cats inside out, you gotta admit that there are times when they can be just plain evil. To back this claim, we have prepared this photo gallery so join in and also invite your friends and family to this gallery to see what they think.

#1 A cat’s truth, not a dog’s

#2 The famous dick move

#3 An effective computer screening process

#4 You taste like sh*t

#5 So, finally we meat!

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#6 Knives-out

#7 Oh, we apologize! We didn’t mean to cause trouble.

#8 She has issues understanding the concept of a litter box

#9 Hooman, I am going to need 50 thousand more of these rolls please.

#10 She wouldn’t hesitate once before choking me

#11 The hooman has not figured it out yet, let’s see how long before he does.

#12 Feline gardening

#13 Hair obsessed cat

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