These Funny Cat Memes Prove Our Furry Friends Really Don’t Give A Damn


Cats don’t give a damn about anything that you care about. They only care about themselves and achieving their goals. Cats know that life is precious and there is lots to be done. So instead of caring what others think, they focus on doing what needs to be done.

Here are some cat memes that prove our furry friends really don’t give a damn. Have a look at these cat memes and learn from them!


Cats are not scared of anyone. All they care about is accomplishing what they want.


Cats always leave their mark wherever they go. You will always get to know and it will be more evident when it is some food item. Cats deeply care about food.


Cats know exactly what to do when you ignore them. “Hooman, you forgot to bring my candies, so you won’t get to eat today.”


A cat never says no when it comes to an adventure or sleeping in weird, uncomfortable places.


When you give a higher pedestal to plants than the cats, this is bound to happen.

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This is what your cat will do every time you order a pizza.


Make the dog feel insulted so that he will forget all about pain. Cats always have a strategy. This is what they spend most of the time thinking about.


When you make the mistake of choosing the wrong carpet, your cat will take full advantage of it.


There is no doubt about this. Even cats agree, but they don’t care.

Cats have a thing for puzzles and disturbing their hoomans when they try to solve a puzzle.


Cats care about only one thing i.e. staying out of human hands. “Why do you touch me without my permission! I am saying this for the last time. Next time this happens, you will be dead.”

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