These Cats Are All Jerks But We Love Them Anyway


Felines are pawsome beings and there is nobody in the world that has the power to get angry at cats. They know how to create a huge mess and them act all adorable. It’s impossible to scold your cat even after it does something to make you really angry. Cats know this very well and they make the best use of it. There is no way that you can ever get mad at cats even when they act like jerks.

These cats are all jerks but we love them anyway. Have a look at these cats and you will know why you just can’t get angry with cats!


This cat will either end up burning his paw or the house. Leaving unattended candles around a cat is never a good idea.


When your cat is getting bored and chooses to stare at you to make you feel uneasy. “Hi hooman, I see that you are doing some important work. Will it be okay if I just stare at you?”


A cat never cares what you think of him. If it has to do something, it will do it without any hesitation.


Sooner or later, the cat would have destroyed the Christmas tree. There is nothing that can stop a cat from doing what it wants.


When the cat doesn’t have much of an option to stay away from his hooman, but he can certainly express how he feels.

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It is very difficult to please a cat, especially when it has this expression on his face all the time.


Cats don’t bother to judge people till the time it starts getting to them. So if your cat actually does this, just know that you have done something really wrong.


A cat always makes sure that everyone knows who the boss in the house is.


When your cat gives you instructions, you follow them strictly. There is no other option. Or maybe you can deal with the scratch marks.


When you return home without your cat’s treats and he knows all about it. “You better return before it’s too late.”

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