Special Cat With Bunny Ears Finally Found His New Furrever Home


Cats are born adorable and some have even distinct features that make them even more adorable. One kitty with bunny look-alike cat decided to raise the standards of cuteness and he didn’t even have to try.

Unlike humans, cats don’t need to get approval from anyone to know that they are pawsome and adorable. The felines know that they are pawsome and go about their life spreading this pawsomeness around. Cats are born with the seal of approval and they can melt anyone’s heart within a few moments.

Cats come in varied shapes, sizes and colors. You can’t categorize them on any other basis. This is how you describe your cat. Many people think that they bring the cat that they want home. But this is never the case. The felines can do as they like and they are the ones who choose their hoomans and furrever home.

The kitty with bunny ears has confused everyone that he has met. Cats are very different and they embrace who they are. You just can’t get enough of cats. Once you start living with a cat, there is no way that you can go about your life without cats.

The kitty Peanut was brought to a shelter home along with nine other cats when their hoomans passed away. His appearance made him stood out from the rest of the cats. But it’s not just the bunny ears of the cat that made him look like this.

Peanut, the kitty with bunny ears, is partially deaf and blind as well. But this doesn’t affect the cat from living his life to the fullest. The cat’s eyes make him look as if he was also surprised to find out how he looked.

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Sydney Benham knew that he had to take the cat home when he first met the cat. It’s easy to fall in love with cats. And with this adorable appearance, this cat Peanut looks even more adorable. Benham started living with Peanut in September, 2020.

Sydney and Peanut share a close bond and it was really easy for them to connect. He knew that he had to take the cat home. There was no way that he would have left the cat at the shelter home. Cats are pawsome and you should not leave any opportunity to rescue a cat.


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