Scientific Facts Why We Live On Cat Terms And Not The Other Way Round


Trying to understand your pet’s behavior is not easy at all. Many of us do everything to train them into doing things our way. But when it comes to cats, we simply know that they are the one who would do the training rather than the other way round. But have you ever wondered why is it so. Why do we accept the terms that our cats put to us? We have found some reasons why it is okay to accept our cat’s terms of living, rather than forcing them to live our way.

#1 “Meow” is not a part of cat language. They only use it to get your attention. Maybe they are secretly aware that it makes them more adorable.

#2 Cats do not see the world our way. They are near-sighted and can’t spot things that are far away. So if your cat doesn’t respond to you, better get a little closer.

#3 The schedule of a cat does not revolve around day or night. They do things when they want. So this could be one of the reasons why your cat sleeps the entire day and parties at night.

#4 Cats were originally not domestic. It was only thousands of years back when humans tamed them.

#5 Your three years old cat is way wiser than you think. Cats may not live for long, but they age quickly and are way more wiser than you. So you better listen to them, rather than imposing your own opinions.

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#6 Cats may be scared of what’s behind a closed door. This is why they want you to open the doors for them. It makes them feel safer.

#7 Cats were used as shields during wars. They have been protecting us ever since.

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