People Got So Bored During Quarantine That They Built Cardboard Tanks For Their Cats


If there is one thing that quarantine and lockdowns have revealed about people, it is that with enough free time on their hands and some willingness to get their hands dirty with DIY projects, people have enough creativity to turn heads all over the internet.

We found a number of cat owners spending their quarantine time towards productive activities such as building cardboard tanks for their kitties. A few of these are real dazzlers and show how much love and effort went into crafting those tanks! To encourage you to build your kitty one of these, we have compiled some of the best cat tanks built by people. Scroll through these awesome tank pictures and share the joy with friends and family.


Gary, one of the posters of cat tanks, revealed that he first thought of making a tank for his cat back when he saw a tank on his Facebook newsfeed a few days ago. He had thought about making a tank many a times, but who has the time? Finally, enter coronavirus. Gary had enough time to build his own DIY cat tank for his adorable kitty. Gary spent around 3 hours at what he calls a “leisurely pace” to build the cardboard tank for his cat.


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Gary shared that his cat’s name is Mittens. She is a 2-year-old female kitty. Gary reveals that she is generally calm for most part of the day except for when he and his wife go to bed; then she runs around the house like a complete maniac. Also, for some reason, she drags her toy to the top of the stairs around 1 AM and howls every night. We find this both annoying as well as cute.


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