Bird Of Prey Tries To Intimidate A Defenseless Family Cat By Showing How Big It Is


Owls are really majestic and huge birds. Not many people have seen an owl outside a zoo. These birds are nocturnal and only become active during the night.

Owls like to prey on various animals including insects, rats, mice and hares. Owls are even capable of hunting fish. When it comes to hunting, owls are pretty talented. Recently, an owl tried to scare a kitty and intimidate it.

Watch the video here!

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Spotting an owl in such an angry mood is very rare. All thanks to this kitty that we also got an opportunity to witness how angry owls look. The angry owl puffed up its wings and it is looking twice its size in the video.

Nobody would have ever imagined that owls can be so fierce. They are usually spotted in adorable and cute look. Who would have imagined that owls are capable of anger also? But as you see in the video, the cat is also very brave. He faced the owl very bravely. Well, cats are very courageous and face everything that comes in their way.

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Owls can get quite terrifying really quickly. They get really fierce when threatened. Also, owls are an expert at protecting themselves. They may look really adorable, but they are very fierce creatures. You surely don’t want to mess up with a cat.

Here’s how people reacted to this video.

Have you also witnessed the threatening and scary side of an owl for real? If yes, do share your experience with us. We hope nothing went wrong.

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