No-One Can Find The Cat In This Picture, And The Entire Internet’s Gone Crazy!


Cats have proved it time and again that they are good at everything they do. Cat lovers can’t stop praising these fur balls, even though they may infuriate them at times. For now, the internet is going crazy about this picture where people are unable to spot the cat.

If you are laughing at it right now, wait till you actually get to finding the cat in this image. Cats are pretty good at hiding away. Maybe they just get tired of all the expectations that their hoomans have from them.

The feline creatures are good at doing nothing and still manage to look adorable. But when their hoomans act silly and make them participate in it, they simply hide away. One of the reddit users, Jason Kruse, posted a picture of some logs and it is making everyone crazy.

Well, now you might be thinking that what is so exciting about some pile of logs. But it is the fur ball that is hiding away in these logs. Jason captioned it, “When you see it!” You will only get this once you see it.

After spending a few hours looking for the cat, you will definitely be satisfied after you finally spot the cat. It would be like that enlightening moment when you realize that it was in front of your eyes the entire time and you still couldn’t see it. Cats have it their way, always.

One of the reddit user commented,

Thank you. I must have stared at that picture for 10 seconds, which is ten minutes in internet time.

Here’s what you have been missing!”

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