Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month


Only cat lovers know how easily the felines get in trouble. Stray or domestic, every cat needs help from time to time. We have a pawsome photo collection of rescue cats that will melt your heart. Have a look!

#1 This one is still a bit scared, but making some progress each day.

#2 Snowy cat was a little angry first, but now she is calm and happy.

#3 Some felines can’t stay away from their hoomans.

#4 This kitty don’t like it when their hoomans pamper them all the time. “Please leave me alone for some time. I know you love me. You don’t have to keep hugging me every time.”

#5 This kitty looks at his hooman like this every time he is about to leave the door.

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#6 Black beauty loves to roam on the streets. He is still angry at his hooman for bringing him inside. “Why don’t you let me out for sometime. Maybe I will escape to a far away place. But who will give me food then.”

#7 This kitty sleeps for twenty hours a day. This is what he does when he is not sleeping. “I was just planning my next nap.”

#8 Some cats will have a lot of questions for you when you first meet them. These questions will only increase with time. So prep yourself.

#9 Someone is taking good care of the kitty.

#10 Don’t be sacred little one. You will get well soon.

#11 Sometimes you get to rescue a cat while on a trip. A cat lover never misses any opportunity.

#12 These two cats are inseparable since the very first day.

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