Meet Bell! The Cat With A Fluffy Tail Just Like A Squirrel


Only cat lovers know the true joy of looking at an adorable fluffy cat. That is the best kind of beauty in this world. But what if there’s a cat out there who has a tail just like a squirrel’s. well, that would be like cherry on the top.

Just squirrels are playful and lovely, but there is nothing like a cat who has a tail like a squirrel’s. we are sure the cat lovers would be overjoyed to hear about this fluffy tail kitty.

Meet Bell, a majestic cat with fluffy tail that will make you want to touch it!

Bell lives with other canine and feline friends. Bell’s hooman loves to keep pets.

Look at that! Just like a squirrel!

The tail covers half of her body. Look at those innocent eyes!

This little kitty with squirrel tail lives in Japan.

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It is a Minuet kitty and truly unique.

Minuet cats also have another name. You can call them Napolean cats as well.

These cats are of very special kind and they are bred from Munchkins and Persians.

Minuet cats are specially known for their coat. They have round faces, dense fur and short legs.

Minuet cats are very agile and their short legs don’t affect their ability to run, play or jump.

It would be lovely to have a cat like Bell around. She is not just adorable, but a sweet cat as well.

Minuet cats hardly have health problems. These cats were bred to avoid health defects in cats.

Persian cats usually have flattened faces and fur coats which matted easily. Minuet cats don’t have any of these issues.

Don’t forget to watch the video below!

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