Man Documents Story Of Missing Kitty And It’s Hilarious


As much as we love cats, it may get a little hard to handle them at times. Some indoor cats get bored and decide to go on a venture of their own. But when this happens, either they get in trouble or their hooman gets worried about them and start a search party.

One cat hooman decided to share the story of his missing cat on Twitter and it’s hilarious.

This orange kitty Ella chose to venture out on his own.

Word about missing kitty spread around quickly.

This is where Larry steps in to discuss the unruly creature who invaded his home.

Is this the missing cat Ella?

Apparently, Larry is no good with animals.

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Larry informed the missing cat’s dad who decided to take a look at the invited creature in Larry’s home.

Even though the missing dad’s cat is not allowed entry in the house, he chose to call for his kitty from the door steps.

Ella refuses to answer to his hooman’s call.

Things got serious this time.

Situation is totally out of control. Ella is nowhere in sight.

Well, the weird part is that Larry was completely cool with leaving an unknown creature all alone in his home.

Where are you, little kitty?

What is really going on here?

New Update: Ella was not in Larry’s home.

Larry has solved the mystery of the uninvited creature in his home.

We have no clue what is happening here. Everything is happening randomly.

Is Larry in some trouble? If not Ella, then who was there in his home?

Maybe Larry is not putting all the required efforts.

We are waiting for Larry to say something now.

Finally, here we are!

Not going anywhere, you notorious cat!

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