Mail Delivery Person Documents How A Cat ‘Guards’ Her Home


We all know cats are adorable, protective and possessive balls of fur. But some cats are too involved in their own world that they don’t bother what’s going around them. Even if the world is ending, these felines would prefer having a nap.

Then, there are cats who are totally opposite the ones mentioned above. These felines want to be a part of everything going around them and are overly possessive. Cats who are over-protective do not allow invaders in their home easily.

This story is about a kitty who can’t even stand the mail delivery boy bringing mails. The kitty is the self-proclaimed guard of the home and feels that the mails would upset his hooman.

Debra Anderson, the Canadian mail carrier, even documented her encounter with this kitty. The cat’s feisty attitude amused Anderson.

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The kitty usually welcomes Debra by scratching the glass window angrily. The kitty wouldn’t stop jumping till the time Debra leaves the porch. Anderson thought that it would be best to introduce the world to this kitty.

Anderson has been receiving overwhelming response from everyone on the internet. Some people even agreed with the kitty and said that the mail needs to be protected. The responses were totally hilarious.

Many people even felt that the kitty was not angry. In fact, the kitty wanted to play with Debra as he was bored.

Probably the kitty is angry at the fact that the mail delivery person is not bringing any good news. Who likes bills anyways!

The kitty is happy now. Keeping the mail delivery person away was the main agenda of the day.

Look who has to face the consequences now.

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