20+ Adorably Imperfect Pets That Melted Our Hearts


These animals would perhaps be rejected by the harsh standards set by our society. But these pawrents did what many others could not and challenged the stereotypes. They did what their heart told them was the right thing and gave these cuties the most important thing that they truly deserve – love.

These animals now help people for promoting animal adoption and spreading awareness about it. Some of these have even gained fame and become internet sensations. They live a full life and aim to teach us something basic – all of us are equal, and unbearably cute.

#1 Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr

#2 Born without any front legs, he’s our brave fighter

#3 Although I look frightened, I promise you I am fierce. Try me!

#4 Two-faced Purrfection

#5 Don’t you worry hooman, I am keeping an eye on you

#6 An alien? Nope, just a kitty with super black eyes

#7 I will CONSIDER not hypnotizing you if you zip your lips

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#8 Can we hear it for our David Meowie?

#9 You never know, perhaps Count Dracula is in fact a cat!

#10 Please meet the much-celebrated cat, Vincent (Van Gogh)

#11 All I want is for you to smile every day

#12 We bring you the saddest kitty on the internet

#13 “Arrrr,” goes the pirate

#14 Meet Maxwell, the new derpy catto of the family

#15 Picked this fella up from the shelter after a 3-hour drive

#16 This rescue cat has transformed her crooked jaw into the most adorable smile and we cannot stop looking at it

#17 Adopted this cutie from the shelter, we believe he is a dog

#18 This yellow lab was born with a crooked face. He is guaranteed to make your dull day a 100x better

#19 Breeder said she’s imperfect because of her tongue. So, when someone says “imperfect” she sticks her tongue out

#20 Bow to Atchoum, your new cat overlord

#21 This delightful catto born without eyelids is all things adorable

#22 Ermm, No sorry – I have no clue who stole the food

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