Guy Dead Scared Of Cats, Tied By Friends And Left Surrounded By Cats


Cats are hard not to love. Those who love cat fail to understand why other people are scared of them.

The ones who have seen the show Impractical Jokers know how the four friends challenge one another and the one who loses has to face the punishment.

How are these little kittens capable of harming anyone?

In a recent episode of Practical Jokers, cats formed a major part of the punishment part. Well, for the cat lovers, it’s hard to imagine how cats can be a punishment for anybody. Even though they can be annoying at times, it’s always good to be around cats.

In fact, this grey kitten is the one who looks more scared than Sal.

Coming back to cats and punishment, Sal is dead scared of cats. His friends Joe, James and Brian literally left him tied with a lot of cats around. There is no running away. Look how scared he seems. The little kittens won’t do you any harm Sal. They are too adorable to hurt anyone.

“Hello Sal, everything is okay. Look up!”

Sal is not listening at all. He continues to be scared of cats.

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“Sal, if you won’t even look at us, how will you see how adorable we are.”

Meet the furry creatures Sal is scared of. Do they look scary?

“Why won’t he look at me? Did I do something wrong? Well, I don’t care.”

Sal with his new furry friends. They will launch Impractical Furry Jokers soon!

One with the big kitty

We are not sure if this guy will be friends with cats now. But at least he won’t be scared to be around one.

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