Giant Realistic Wool Cat Heads Are Both Cute And Terrifying


You would usually see people in America wearing giant unicorn and horse heads during a parade. In Japan, people follow a different trend of wearing giant cat heads. These cat heads are not only giant, but they look incredibly realistic. If you ever get to see someone wearing these giant cat heads, you will be a little surprised at first. We have a collection of some people wearing these giant cat heads and they look pawsome. Have a look!

Look how huge this cat head looks!

You can wear this cat head and dance whole day long.

You can also act a bit confused, just like cats do.

These cat heads look like that of a real cat. We can’t stop adoring them.

It was a huge treat for all the cat lovers. Now they can wear these cat heads and go crazy like cats do.

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Want to start a cat band? Go get some cat heads first!

Look how pawsome they look! It’s amazing.

This is a close look of this cat head.

You can also wear these cat heads and have fun with your heads.

Look at this cat family having fun! Adorable cat family!

Cats are fun to be around. You can now wear these cat heads and impersonate your cats purrfectly.

We can’t get over how adorable these cat heads look. Anybody would easily mistaken them for a real cat.

So if you are a cat lover and visiting Japan anytime soon, don’t forget to try out these cat heads. You will definitely enjoy them.

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