Find Out Why Cat Logic Is Hilarious


Cats always brighten our day with their weird cat logic. Even though they create a huge mess at times, they also ensure that they leave a huge smile on your face. These hilarious cats never fail to make anyone laugh. Acting silly and weird is all they need to do to keep that smile on your face intact.

#1 “Our cat got us a sponge instead of a flower or a dead prey. His sense of humor never fails to amuse us.”

#2 “My kitty keeps on trying awkward yoga positions in order to motivate me. This is so cool though I have to help me sometimes.”

#3 This kitty is teaching his hooman the art of balancing. Pay close attention or you may fall on your face.

#4 “Just when I thought I could eat the pizza all by myself, my cat decided to step in.”

#5 Have you been wondering how to make your cat sit in one place? Here’s the simple trick.

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#6 This cat is very creative and messed up stuff only. This is how he eats dinner.

#7 When you are ready to sleep but your cat has other plans. “I want to sit on your face hooman. Don’t move at all.”

#8 “My excited cat’s reaction on getting new gifts or shall I say new cardboards.” No pointing spending the hard earned money on gifts, just get them empty boxes.

#9 The brown kitty is always busy proving that he is better among the two. “This is how you show everyone that you are supreme.”

#10 When a cat can’t decide if he wants to go out or stay indoors, it just hangs in between. What a smart cat!

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