Elderly Man Is Trapped And Unable To Get Help After Fall Until He Says A Word To His Cat


Dogs often come to our mind when we think about the animals who have helped save humans time and again. But cats are no less. They know very well how to take care of their hoomans really well. you would never see a cat hooman sad for too long.

Once a cat decides to put a smile on their hooman’s face, they won’t stop till the time they achieve it.

After reading this story, you will get to know how pawsome cats are! All those who have been saying that they are not cat persons will turn into one after reading this story. Ron Williams just turned eight five last year. Usually, older people don’t have much company other than their pets. Ron also lives with his cat called Fluffy in Sturgis, Michigan. One of Ron’s friends has gifted the cat to him.

Williams said that he fell in love with the cat as soon as he met the furry creature. Since Ron did not have much company, he used to talk to his cat often. The cat knew about all the secrets of Ron. This is quite usual for all the cat hoomans.

The felines are a good company to keep and their hoomans share everything about their lives with them. There was something really interesting about Fluffy. Every time the phone rang, Ron would say “ring a ding” and the cat would somehow pick up the phone.

Ron said,

The phone would ring, and I would say ‘ring-a-ding. And I didn’t know he’d pick up on it.

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But one day, Ron met an accident and this little joke turned into something really pawsome. Ron slipped and fell in the shower. He was completely stuck as he his arm got pinned under him and he was completely unable to move. This went on for sixteen long hours.

As time passes, things started getting really scary for Ron. Ron was stuck in the shower since 8 in the morning till midnight. He was in some serious pain. Ron’s life alert was in another room and the phone in the bathroom was also completely out of his reach. Only Fluffy was there with Ron and the little cat had no clue how to help his hooman.

Ron said,

So I said ‘ring-a-ding fluffy. You’re my only hope. And he was. It wasn’t even five minutes later I felt something hit my hand. And I’m here because of it.

The only reason that Ron is alive today is because of the cat.

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