Cat Walks 12 Miles Home To Family That Didn’t Want Him


Once a cat chooses a family, they can’t stay with anyone else. A stray cat Toby was meowing in front of a family’s home who decided to take him in. However, Toby couldn’t fit in well with the other cats in the family. So they found a new home for Toby instead of letting him to fend for himself.

Even though the new family was pretty excited to have Toby, he had other thoughts on his mind. The fur ball walked back to his old family, only to be euthanized. The poor cat found his way back on his own, but his own family decided not to keep him.

Toby’s old family took him to an animal shelter to get him a lethal injection. Tara Lynn, one of the shelter staff, said,

It was heartbreaking. He made it back to his old home on his own and they sentenced him to death!

Instead of giving Toby a lethal injection, the shelter contacted the SPCA of Wake County. On medical assessment it was found out that Toby had immunodeficiency virus and upper respiratory infection. Toby started getting proper treatment at the SPCA. Even though he was a little shy at first, he started getting along with everyone gradually. Then, it did not take long for him to become everyone’s favorite.

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After Toby recovered completely, the staff decided to find a home for the kitty. They quickly found a new home for him when Michelle Puckett chose to take him home. Toby bonded quickly with his new family. He is living happily in his new home in North Carolina. Toby also has two other cat siblings in his new a loving family.

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