Cat Parents Are Buying IKEA’s Mini Beds For Their Cats!


People never run out of ways to spoil their cats. This time, it is IKEA’s mini begs that it sells for children as toys. Pawrents are repurposing this popular doll beds and turning them into an “aww-worthy” throne for their cattos! Purrhaps, felines find interest in things other than just boxes as well?

#1 Amazing Wall Mount Beds For Kitties

In official terms, the Duktig priced at $14.99 is “a doll bed with bedlinen set.” However, the tiny wooden piece has brought large sales for IKEA from the pet furniture market.

#2 Two Is NOT A Crowd

The success of this mini bed may be attributed to its design. The slot at either end of the bed comes as a very cat-friendly feature. It allows cattos to stick their tail out should they feel like relaxing. Also, some crafty owners have figured out ways to convert these into bunk beds!

#3 “Don’t feel like pickin’ up my phone, so leave a message at the tone”

We bring for you a collection of some adorable kitties in these beds. Some have used them in pretty unique ways, take a look! Scroll through and feel free to DIY these for your felines if you happen to like some ideas in here! Share the wholesome pictures with friends and family so they can pick up ideas from here as well!

#4 The Feline Pillow Talk

#5 When One Sibling Is Unemployed

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#6 I See You There, Hooman!

#7 What Does A Kitty Have To Do To Get Breakfast Around Here?

#8 So You’re Telling Me I Am Adopted?

#9 Who Else Pretends To be aSleep When One Of The Parent Comes In The Room To Wake You Up?

#10 Geez Louis Kiddos, You’re Spoiling “New Bed Day” For Me!

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