Cat News Headlines That Are Too Ridiculous To Be True


Cats do a lot of things that are beyond our understanding. Some even made headlines with their actions. You will have to read these headlines twice and they still won’t be believable. Well, you are a better judge at that. Have a look at these hilarious and ridiculous cat news headlines!

#1 Well, cats are pretty smart. It won’t be a big deal for them to fool their humans.

#2 Modern cats can sniff out Wi-Fi networks as well.

#3 Cat denied entry into strip club makes his human call 911. Can you believe this!?

#4 Cats steps up to help himself.

#5 Now we know where cats go to have fun and relax.

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Cats are good at making headlines. Even when they don’t appear in news, they continue to be a part of our daily talks. Cat lovers wish that there was a newspaper published solely on cats. But don’t worry, you can always come here to check pawsome cat stories. We are always up to date with all the cat news.

#6 Cat or human, everybody has to show up for jury duty. There are no exceptions.

#7 This cat is taking full advantage of being a cat. Nobody stops a cat from walking in or out of the bus.

#8 And we thought we were the one adjusting with them.

#9 No more breaking into fish stores now. We hope the kitty gets enough food at his new home.

#10 And the hate spreads to cats as well. Anyways, the cat was happy to leave.


#11 And that happens sometimes, even if it’s not believable.

#12 Cats like to experiment with new things sometimes.

Is your cat also a gang of these weird cats who do what they want? If yes, then do let us know about it in the comments below. Everyone loves to hear about how pawsome cats can be. And we also know that there is never too much of cat news or memes. So it’s always good to have some more.

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