Annoying Feline ‘Co-worker’ Forces Man To Write Hilarious Complaint Letter To HR


Coronavirus forced a lot of people to work from home. Many people were happy that they would get more time with their pets. But little did they know that their pets won’t make it any easy for them.

Sheila and Andrew Stych know how difficult work from home could be if you live with a cat. They have experienced it. They have five pets including four naughty cats and a pit bull. One of their cat did not understand that their hooman mom needs to work and leave her alone for some time.

Their curious cat ‘Penelope’ has done everything you could think of. She has not only walked over her hooman mom’s keyboard, but unplugged her laptop as well. Even though it was an accident, we know what the cat was up to. Andrew explained,

She likes to ‘help’ my wife with her spreadsheets and emails by walking on her laptop keyboard. She actually sent an unfinished email to one of her coworkers.

Fed up with the kitty, Andrew decided to give her a warning. He logged a complaint with Human Resources. After describing how Penelope is being mischievous and not adhering to the work from home rules at all, he shared it on Facebook.

Everyone loved the letter and couldn’t help but share it. It is going viral on social media now.

Here’s the viral letter that Andrew wrote to his notorious cat!

What’s more? The letter also has Penelope’s sign on it. The kitty was more than pleased to put her sign on it and accepted it with his whole heart. Well, cats do rule our world.

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