15 Amazing Cat Posts That You Can’t Help But Scroll Through


The fourth principle of Archimedes tells us the cats + the internet = comedy squared. Its THAT straightforward. You snap a kitty – it is immaterial whether it is thicc, skinny, sleepy or fluffy – in a hilarious scenario, put it up on a social media platform, and bam! You are already on your way to disrupting the entire internet; even the dudes down at 4chan are taking a five from creating green texts to have an innocent chuckle.

Even though we have put up tons of cat posts already, the previously mentioned equation continues to churn out unmissable cat content, so we are ensuring that we always give them the attention that they have rightfully earned. From building a tent to ruining their hooman’s breakfast, these cats are going viral no matter what.

#1 Upon realizing she’s pregnant

#2 She came home like this; we are assuming she fought spiderman on her way back

#3 Charming them hoomans with the good old razzle dazzle

#4 Like Cat, Like Hooman

#5 Even smol kitties deserve a step

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#6 Eyes or buttons? Can you tell?

#7 Yum! Tasty Melons.

#8 Walked in to this scene after hearing my husband scream.

#9 He absolutely loves being raked by the back scratcher!

#10 My husband gave our cat a personal couch, now he just lays there and judges everyone.

#11 This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window.

#12 My cat returned from her evening stroll with someone’s keys in her mouth!

#13 The feline tent.

#14 I have no clue what this kitty is going through, but boy, I can relate!

#15 Meet Oliver, the cat with thumbs.

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