All Heroes Don’t Wear Capes: Cats Saving Cats, And Other Species


All heroes are distinct in their own way. They are not just limited to doctors in uniform or police officers saving lives, anybody can be a hero. It is quite possible that at times, they are not humans – even animals have been known to save lives of their family, other species, or their hoomans.

Cats may not have the best reputation like other pets when we are discussing animals, particularly pets. Some people view cats as these cold and selfish animals, but we are in complete disagreement with this. In order to make our case, we bring for you a list of feline heroes and their stories. These furballs have proven that cats are excellent pets. Scroll through and meet the feline heroes!

#1 Tervel, the blind Labrador, has a seeing-eye cat, who’s named Pwditat

#2 Scarlett the cat suffered severe burns as she rescued her kittens from a fire

#3 The neighbor’s dog is taught a lesson by Tara the cat when he attacked the 4-year-old
#4 An aband
oned baby being kept warm and safe by Masha the cat

#5 This blind kitty called Homer saves its owner from a house burglar

#6 Meet Smudge, the bully chasing kitty

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#7 A diabetic owner was saved from seizure because Pudding the Maine Coon ran to get help
#8 The President of the Cattorneys for Animal Rights Institute, Dr. Leon Advogato

#9 The Military Cat called Koshka helped this soldier battle depression and suicidal thoughts

#10 Luna the cat rescued her 8-member family from a fire

#11 This owner’s cancer was discovered by Tom, the 24-year-old cat

#12 Therapist to a boy with selective mutism, meet the fluffball Carepist, Jessi-Cat

#13 This little kitty aptly known as Tiger saved her owner from 4 Pit Bulls

#14 Schnautzie the kitty cat rescued her owners a gas leak at their home
#15 Blake the super cat helps his owner with his brain-induced seizures

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