A Street Artist Has Painted A Mind-Boggling Sphynx An Old Gas Tank


If you walk through a street and happen to glance at one of Braga last1’s amazing 3D street art, you will definitely stop for a minute for a closer look! A talented 33-year old street artist hailing from France’s Marseille has a style of artwork that can be extremely deceptive. His real name is Tom Bragado Blanco. Recently, he drew a giant sphynx cat. He decided to blend this paining into the center of a field.


Sphynx cat trace their origin back to Canada. These cats are distinctive because of their characteristic of having no fur. Blanco’s latest artwork is a sphynx cat that creates an optical illusion. The artist’s approach to this painting was quite unique. As his canvas, Blanco made an unusual choice and painted the cat on an old gas tank. By the time Blanco was finished, the gas tank disappeared and transformed into an incredible 3D painting! Once Blanco finished painting, we could see a giant gray sphynx cat trying to hide in the grass as it looks at a dog whose owner is attempting to pull him away.


The street artist made revelations about why he chose a cat. Blanco said that he used a cat because it is his girlfriend’s cat. He also added that it took him about two and a half days to finish the entire painting.

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Blanco made use of a technique known as anamorphosis for this fresco. He explained that it works from one point of view only. So, you can see the optical illusion when you look at it from that exact point. He added that he had to take pictures of the tank to determine whether if it will work for the optical illusion.

Blanco has been passionate about art since early childhood. In fact, he is a self-taught artist. He has also created artworks for restaurants, hotels, businesses, and theatres!

Here are some more artworks by Blanco





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