21 Hilarious Cat Snaps You Won’t Be Able to Stop Smiling


Did you know, that the most popular pet in the United States are cats? It makes complete sense for them to have unique talents, that justify them being put on the pedestal. And without a shadow of doubt, one of their most valued talents is to make us smile.

#1 Happiness is being held by your slave as you monitor your kingdom

#2 The ultimate couch potato

#3 Could this cat BE more comfortable?!

#4 “I was on my way to the gym, but nothing is more important than taking a nap”

#5 Engagement picture of a beautiful cat couple

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#6 This adorable kitty is witnessing his first snow

#7 “My cat is getting used to receiving treats for warming up to people who come over for headshots”

#8 A kitty just being herself, playing behind the TV

#9 “Is that you, my brother?”

#10 A volunteer turned the vacuum on at the local cat rescue

#11 Damn you, hooman. This is not my fur!

#12 Perhaps, this cat is why Jesus hasn’t returned. How will he move until the cat wakes up?

#13 My cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity as I sit there with a sprained ankle

#14 The cat was taken for a walk last fall and it still has not been determined if he was enjoying himself

#15 This kitty sure knows how to use chair holes

#16 I seem to have brought home a bat-cum-cat

#17 If regret had a face…

#18 I guess my rug is quite observant

#19 This kitty’s head was stuck in a vase. The hooman freaked out and broke the vase, leaving the kitty like this

#20 Neighbor’s cat studying our fake raven with curiosity

#21 New cute neighbors!

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