18 Hilariously Mean Cats Who Can’t Stop Biting


Cats like to do a lot of things to entertain themselves or maybe to take revenge. Biting is one of their favorite thing, be it for muse or revenge. The felines just love to show off their lovely white teeth. This also comes handy when their hoomans are not paying enough attention to them.

Here are some cats that totally love biting and can’t stop! They look adorably hilarious. Have a look!


When you don’t give your cat enough attention, so he makes sure that you get his point.


“My cat now has teeth. He loves to show them off and bite all the time.”


“There never goes a day when my cat doesn’t start his morning like this. I am getting used to it now.”


“I tried my best to tell you that I hate it when you ignore me. You left me with no other choice. I don’t regret this at all.”


“See hooman, I know it’s not easy. But as long as I am here to help you, there is no need to worry at all.”

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This looks quite painful, but the felines don’t care. They got to do what they got to do. It’s pawsome how these cats have amazing ideas to get their hoomans on their toes and get going. Cat hoomans may not enjoy it, but they know it’s all worth it because they can’t imagine their life without these pawsome beings.


“So you think you can take my place in my hooman’s life? I will make it as hard as I can. Just wait and watch!”


“My cat is obsessed with my thumb. I think I will have to get a new one soon if this continues.”


When your cat was super hungry and got nothing else to eat. Also, she looks super angry about it.


“This tastes pretty good. I can do this for hours.”


“Who said we need claw hovers? You hoomans keep on getting stupid stuff that we don’t even need.”

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