15 Photos Showing Why Cats Are Called Master Thieves


If you own a cat, you must be aware of all the tricks these furry creatures play on you. They are sneaky, smart and cunning creatures who know their way around everything. And when they want something, they get it no matter what. These fur balls won’t stop at anything and even chose to steal if you don’t give in. Here are some pictures of these sneaky little creatures caught in the act that will prove that they are master thieves. Have a look!

#1 Cats will keep on defending themselves even after proved guilty of stealing.

#2 “When I like something, I take it. There is no returning back then.”

#3 “I thought it was for me. See, there is my picture on it.”

#4 When you are too focused on your work, your kitty may get away with stealing a slice of pizza. This may also be their revenge when you don’t pay attention.

#5 When a cat is sitting silently, it is thinking of ways to steal all the food. Be careful.

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#6 “I was going to get some groceries from the market.”

#7 “Thank you for the big surprise. I will take it from here.”

#8 “How dare you throw away these toys! I have been hoarding them for so long.”

#9 This is called the art of sneaking through the window. Every cat knows it.

#10 “Why do humans even need them? These are made for us.”

#11 “I was trying to keep it safe from the insects.”

#12 This kitty was feeling a bit cold.

#13 “Look who has been finishing the food all this while.”

#14 This fur ball will steal stuff and you won’t ever come to know.

#15 “Every human is meant to help us.”

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