15 Cats Captured At The Purrfect Moment


As sneaky as these fur balls are, it’s hard to catch them in action. However, some pawsome cat lovers have mastered the art of capturing them. These fur balls don’t completely fit in our world, but they have managed to deal with us. Here are some amazing pictures of the furry creatures captured randomly that will make you laugh hard. Have a look!

#1 This kitty has been practicing for a while now. We will soon watch him soar high.

#2 Cats don’t believing in showing much affection to their hoomans. But rules are different when it’s a fellow kitty they are in love with.

#3 This is our cat’s new hiding place. Sometimes, her tail slips out giving her away.

#4 This sneaky fur ball has been attending magic school lately. Have cats found a way to reach Hogwarts?

#5 This kitty’s sense of humour never fail to amuse us.

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#6 Here’s our very own cat woman!

#7 “Listen hooman, if you won’t let me drink it, I can at least pose and show off. My friends would believe it any way. They think I can convince you for anything.”

#8 Well, cats surely rub off their creativity on us.

#9 This adorable kitty is a poser since the very first day. Surely knows how to make use of its aesthetic environment.

#10 Do you want to help us figure out what’s going on here?

#11 “My cat has been watching too much television lately. Now she has the purrfect pose timings.”

#12 Look who is motivating her hooman to get up from the bed!

#13 This jealous kitty has no better way to express her feelings.

#14 This one likes to have fun at all times.

#15 When you don’t pay attention to your kitty, this is what happens.

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