10+Extremely Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Will Brighten Your Day


Snapchat is an interesting app and it becomes even more exciting when you involve your cats in it. These cat snapchats will make you laugh so hard that you will forget all your sorrows. Have you also tried getting your cat snaps capturing their weird phases? If yes, then you will definitely enjoy these cat snapchats.

#1 True meaning of ‘Made for each other’.

#2 If a cat tells you to adopt him, you don’t think twice. Felines are the best decision makers.

#3 Wondering why Jesus took so long to return? Seems he has been stuck for a while.

#4 Your cat knows the purrfect setting for clicking a picture. They match up to our expectations sometimes.

#5 “So what if I don’t have a room to lock myself up, I can at least stand facing the wall the entire day.”

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#6 Now where do you find such caring cats! “Just a small reward for my hoomans.”

#7 When your dog gets extra enthusiastic about the group picture and your cat is judgmental as always.

#8 “Silly hooman, why do have to click pictures right now. Can’t you give me some privacy!”

#9 Maybe just thinking of ways to prank the new hooman. “Let me show them it’s not easy to take care of a cat.”

#10 When you ask your cats for pre-wedding shoot ideas, you better prepare for getting out of your comfort zone.

#11 Definitely something big is about to happen. Better watch out! Cats bite sometime.

#12 Big surprise coming up!

#13 You don’t choose a cat, the cat chooses you.

#14 This is the general cat recharge ritual. Your cats have a secret meeting every month.

#15 What’s the issue with you, poor kitty?

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