10 Ways Pets Use To Deal With Their Hooman’s ‘Work From Home’


Your work colleges may be annoying, but there is no way that you can ignore them. The pandemic has pushed many people to adapt the work from home method. Pet owners were more than happy that they would now get to spend more time at home. But how their pawsome pets treating them? Are they happy with their new co-workers? Scroll down and find out!

#1 “My hooman forgot to give me food. I had no other option but to show her that I am more important than her work.”

#2 “My dog likes to sit like this so he can watch me while I work.”

#3 This cat is making sure that his hooman is not wasting his time on phone and actually working. Cats can be a little strict when it comes to work.

#4 “I should give my hooman a back massage. He has been sitting like this for so long. He must be tired.”

#5 “Extra laptop for my cat so he could accompany me when I work.”

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#6 “My cat would do this every time she wants to play with me or wants more food.

#7 This dog doesn’t understand why his hooman has to work so hard. “Can we just go out and play?”

#8 This cat is more enthusiastic about work than his hooman. “Oh! I totally get this. Let me help you.”

#9 My cats interrupts me every hour and shuts down my laptop. I’m tired of explaining her now. So I simply save all my work as soon as she comes near.”

#10 “My dogs hates the laptop. He keeps on trying to push it down and break it.”

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