10 Warm Cat Pictures That Can Make You Want to Hug All the Cats in the World


When people say that they don’t like cats, there is something really wrong with them. Like how can someone not like these fluffy balls of pawsomeness? They are made of pure love and only have good intentions for everyone around them. The only thing that they do entire day is make everyone laugh or at least put a smile on people’s face.

Here are some pawsome cats that will make you want to hug all the cats in the world. Have a look and we bet you would want to get a cat and crush in your arms!


When you give your cat a bath, this is the best thing that you can do for them.


A litter of kittens is any day better than getting a boyfriend. Get cats and stay pawsome!


This is a cat story that never gets old. “Open the door hooman. I want to get in.”


Cats love doll houses. See how easily they fit on the bed.


“I won’t let you do the laundry today. You will have to wash me too.” Sometimes cats throw tantrums for no reason at all. They have some bad days too.

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Even do cats get mean at times and create trouble for you, they will always be the best. Cats know how to balance out everything. Too much sugar can spoil the dish, so it’s good to add a pinch of salt too.


“I told you not to pick me up. Why is your friend clicking our picture? I want to jump out of your arms right now.”


Does your cat ever sits quietly and watch TV? Isn’t it really the cutest thing to see!


Look what special gift this cat got for Christmas!


“The cat looked really tired, so I offered him my bed. It seems like he really needed it.” Cats can fool anyone very easily, including dogs.


This is how a cat dresses on the day out with her hooman. “Okay hooman, I am good to go. Start walking now.”

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