10 Times When Catto’s ‘Teefies’ Fascinated Everybody


They chomp, gnaw and bite. It has been long since cats have been domesticated. However, they still carry some of their ancestral characteristics – such as their canines! Regardless of how hard cats try to be taken seriously, they often end up looking completely derpy upon showing their teeth. One of the best places for amazing feline teeth pics is Teefies subreddit.

We bring to you a list of adorable and hilarious pics of felines showing off their teeth that is sure to brighten up your day. Scroll through and be sure to share these funny kitties with friends, family and cat lovers!





You’d expect the these pawesome and purrfect predators would have plenty of teeth based on how high and might they act all the time. But that’s completely untrue.

Adult cats have 30 teeth only, while kittens only have 26 baby teeth. Let’s see how doggos and hoomans compare on the teeth scale. Doggos end up with 42 teeth when they are fully grown good boys and girls and they have 28 baby teeth. Meanwhile, hoomans have 20 baby teeth and as adults they carry 32 teeth.


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The first teeth that erupt in a baby cat are the incisors and the canines. Because of this, kittens tend to look like mini-vampires for some time. A kitty cat’s first baby teeth appear when they are about 5-6 weeks old and their permanent teeth begin to appear when they grow to about 11 to 16 wees old, starting with the incisors.

When cats grow up to around 12 to 20 weeks old, they adult canines begin to appear. Premolars appear next at around 16 to 20 weeks old. And finally, the molars (those teeth way back in the mouth that are often not visible easily) emerge between 20 to 24 weeks old.



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