10 Spoiled Cats That Totally Dominate Their Humans (New Pics)


Cats are pretty pawsome and always get what they want. The felines know how to make their hoomans do exactly what they want. There is no cat hooman out there who doesn’t listen to his cat. In fact, a cat hooman will cancel plans with his human friend to stay home with his cat. Spending time with a cat is way better than spending time with humans. The felines always know what they are doing and dominating their hoomans is what they do best.

Here are some spoiled cats that totally dominate their humans. Have a look at these cats and you will know how cats control the life of their hoomans!


If your cat wants you to do something, you just do it. Don’t bother your cat by asking questions.

Today I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since.


When the cat makes sure that you don’t move before giving him what he wants. Cats can be really commanding at times.


The cat knows exactly where he should sit so that he has his hooman’s attention at all times.


When you don’t allow your cat to chew on pencils, he won’t let you draw. That’s how cats rule their hooman’s world.

After I stopped him from chewing on pencils, he decided he’d had enough of it and laid down on top of my book and pencils.


When the cat finally accepts the gift that you made for him, your joy will know no bound.

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When your cat prefers water from the tap instead of the water that you put in his bowl, but he doesn’t know how to open the tap. “You need to replace this thing with something that is easier to handle.”


Cats will sit exactly where they are not supposed to be sitting.


Once a cat sits somewhere, there are huge chances that it won’t move for hours. So if it’s your lap, be prepared to die at the same spot.


When the cat wants to eat in the same plate that you use, know that he is way more mature than you think.


When your cat has got his own personal couch, but you are the one who has to share.

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