10 Shameless Cats Whose Owners Could Use a Chill Pill


Life is a combination of thorns and roses when you have a cat in your home. sometimes, cats act all sweet and won’t disturb you the entire day. But then there are days when they won’t give you any personal space and won’t let you sit peacefully even for a minute.

Here are some shameless cats whose owners could use a chill pill. Have a look at these pawsome pictures and you will know what we are talking about!


Spending some time alone is not allowed when you are a cat hooman.


“I cleaned up my house today and these are things that I found in the hidden corners. M cat doesn’t like it when I catch hold of his hidden treasure. Just see the look on his face.”


When your cat is in a bad mood, better keep all your precious belongings inside the closet.


“I filled my cat’s water bowl a minute ago and he still wants to drink from my glass.”


This is how things go missing in a cat hooman’s house……1,2,3 and gone!

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Cats never listen to their hoomans. If they want something, they will have it no matter what. So you better save your time and mind your own business. But one thing is for sure that cats won’t mind theirs.


When you think that your cat finally started listening to you, but he had other plans.


Take your hand away before the cat bites. It will hurt very badly.


When your cat is not sure why you are not waking up, so he sits on your head to check if you are breathing fine.


When your cat decides to add some of his creativity to your house. Living with a cat can be quite messy at times.


A cat hooman is supposed to involve their cat in every game they play or else the cats will become a part of it on their own. “What are you doing? Let me help you out with this.”

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