10 Ridiculous Cats Who Don’t Understand The Meaning Of Personal Space


Cats are pawsome and fill the life of their hoomans with love and happiness. However, sometimes, cat hoomans just want their personal space and away from the cat. The felines may not give too much attention to their hoomans most of the times. But when they do, there is no way that the cat hoomans can ignore them. The felines always get what they want.

Here are some ridiculous cats who don’t understand the meaning of personal space. Have a look at these cats and you will know what it means to live with a cat!


The cat will do everything in its power to get his hooman’s attention. The fun part is that cat hoomans are not even allowed to scold the cat for what their silly actions.


When you don’t give attention to your cat whole day long and this is how he reacts to it. “Look at me hooman! I need your attention.”


When your cat knows that you are tired and decides to help you out with your work. “You sit back and watch hooman. I will do all the work.


The cat just needs to be in contact with his hooman. It doesn’t matter where, when and how. Also, the cats never care if they are becoming an obstruction in the path of their hoomans.


When you give time more time to your books that your cat, this is bound to happen. “What are you reading, hooman? Is it more interesting than me?”

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This is why cats hate books and make ensure that their hoomans don’t get any time to spend with their books.


Being in contact with his hooman is what a cat really needs.


Cats hate it when their hoomans give more attention to something else. “What are you doing hooman? Are you talking to your girlfriend? I think it would be for the best if I destroy your gadget.”


You are not allowed to have any personal time when there is a cat in your home. All your free time belongs to your cat.


This is how cats like to spend time with their hoomans.


When your cat doesn’t trust your driving skills and make sure that you keep your eyes on the road.

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