10 Posts That Show Ups & Downs In Life With Cats


Cats always bring a tub of happiness along with them. And when they leave, they leave a huge hole in their hooman’s heart.

#1 This kitty was very close to his hooman. He saved his hooman’s life and died unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

#2 This kitty was rescued from the streets. Look at his stunning transformation. The ugly duck has turned into a beautiful swan.

#3 When your kitty is totally lazy. Also, we can’t ignore the pawsome bikini.

#4 This little kitty can’t stay away from his hooman. He particularly enjoys the bathtub adventure.

I am in the bathtub to be in water rather than air. The cat is in her kimchi tub to be in air rather than water. It is a tubseption.

#5 Eighteen year old Oscar survived his first home move and that too across the country. We are super proud of you little kitty.

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#6 This pregnant cat was rescued a few days back from a gas station. Now she is comfortably awaiting the arrival of her little kittens.

#7 This cat has a special spaceship. He likes to nap in there whole day long.

#8 Dora was adopted twelve years ago. Sadly, the kitty passed away recently. We are very sorry to hear about it.

She was a stray when we found her. Once she got settled indoors, she would randomly leave for a day or 2 and come back, for years. Sometimes a little beat up from whatever action she ran into in the streets lol.

#9 “These cats were found in our garden and now live with us.”

#10 This pawsome cat was a lovely and gentle feline.

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