10 People Shared The Most Creepily Intelligent Things Their Pets Have Ever Done



Pets are a big muse in their owners life. But sometimes they act all weird and funny. At other times, pets can start acting a bit creepy as well. Well, whatever the reason may be, it’s always interesting to read some pet stories. They are unpredictable and always interesting. Be it cats or dogs, both of them are equally hilarious and amusing.

Here are some pet stories that will surprise you because they are creepily intelligent.


Some cats are scared of the vet. Others just visit them on their own. Which category does your cat belong to?


When your cat suddenly starts doing something that you have not seen him doing before, it can be pretty scary and exciting at the same time.


“Maybe next time hooman. You gave me a good idea. It gets pretty boring in here.”


When you try to force your cat to dieting and end up spending all the extra bucks. Cats are damn smart and there is no doubt about it.


Now this is what we call an amazing trap. Cats can’t stop being weird ever though.

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We are totally surprised after reading these pet stories. There will never come a day when our pets do something predictable and not so interesting because the main agenda of their life is to be pawsome all the time. Only if we could talk to them, we would ask them what is the source of their such vibrant ideas. How do they come up with such amazing ideas all the time?

Are you as surprised as us after reading these stories? If not, then we have a few more for you. Have a look at these amusing pet stories too.


When you are in pain, but your cat decides to make fun of you instead.


Cats have weird obsessions. Mirror, is it?


It happens only when it’s necessary. So play carefully next time.


Who said our pets don’t understand what we say? Read this story and your views will totally change.


Is it actually a dog? Since when did dogs start being so smart?


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