10 ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Moments That Only Happen To The Lucky Ones (New Pics)


Felines own this planet and they can enter anyone and everyone’s home without permission. Cats don’t need to ask people before doing anything. The moment they get an idea, they act upon it. When it comes to finding a home for themselves, cats don’t face any troubles. They can simply enter the home that they like and it’s theirs. If a cat has ever walked into your home without your permission, then consider yourself blessed!

Here are some ‘My House, Not My Cat’ moments that only happen to the lucky ones. Have a look at these cats and you will know that cats can enter anywhere and everywhere they like!


When you return home to meet this little gentleman waiting for you. “Hi hooman, I was waiting for you. Get me something to eat quickly. I am really hungry!”


Once a cat enters your home, you just can’t ask him to leave till the time it wants to. A cat enters your home to stay forever. Congratulations, you got yourself a cat!


“That’s not our cat, but it would be really rude if we don’t open the door. The little kitty seems in need of a home.”


When you leave the window open and get yourself a few cats. Only the lucky ones get to stay with felines.


When you leave an empty home, only to return to the one with a cat inside. Your seat is taken. You can get yourself another one.

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It is impossible to ask a cute, little kitty to leave. The only option you have is to let the kitty stay and be grateful that it chose you.


Two days back, these hoomans didn’t have a cat. Now, they can’t imagine how they were living their lives without a cat.


A cat will stay where the warmth is. So if you want to get a cat, this is all that you have to do.


Once upon a time, there were two ducks and a cat. Now they are chilling in my pool.


Cats won’t ask for permission when they enter their house, especially the one invading your house.

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