10 Hilarious Vet Signs That Will Make Your Cats More Comfortable


Our cats hate going to vets. Well, it’s not just our cats, but we also fall in that category. Vet visits are mostly related to something going wrong. You and your cat are always worried and anxious during the vet visits.

The vets are also aware of this. So the vets tried to make the cats and their hoomans feel more comfortable at their clinics. Some veterinary clinics put hilarious cat jokes on their signs. There is nothing more hilarious than this that you must have ever seen. We bet you don’t want to miss this. Have a look!

#1 Most cat hoomans totally agree with this.

#2 Because cats are meant to rule the world. Period.

#3 Well, felines know this very well. It would be better if you do too.

#4 Still waiting for that reaction? Better go get some sleep.

#5 Only cats have that right since furrever.

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#6 It’s okay if you don’t get it, your cat will.

#7 We always knew cats were more intelligent. If you don’t, then you probably don’t belong here.

#8 There is no better way to live a life. We salute you kitties.

#9 Cat and wrong cannot come together in a sentence. We all know cats are always right. It better be the door which is on the wrong side.

#10 You have to be very careful with this one. Your cat may end up eating the wrong stuff.

Who wants to visit these cat clinics? If the signs look so cool, then the vets will definitely be cooler. What would you put on that sign? Let us know in the comments below.

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