10 Hilarious Cats That Deserve an Oscar


The felines are always the best at whatever they do. Cats don’t do something till the time they know that they can do it purrfectly. The felines always know that enjoying something that they do is important. They don’t care about the results and this is why they end up being the best. The felines do weird things all the time and their acting skills are non-comparable. If cats were to become a part of the Oscar awards, they will take all the awards home.

Here are some hilarious cats that deserve an Oscar. Have a look at these cats and you will get to know how creative cats are!


When you finally move on and realize that you have been wasting your time on the wrong person, this is how it is going to be like.


“What? Why? Why would you want me to do that?” Never ever make unnecessary demands from your cat. You will only end up proving yourself to be stupid to your cat.”


When your cat tells you to do something, but you still do your own thing. Always listen to your cat!


This is why cats have to steal your food. So be kind and start sharing your food with the cat.


Cats start doubting themselves when such things happen. Most of the times, cats are confident. But such situations can make anyone doubt themselves.

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Cats do a lot of thinking all the time. So this could be a huge possibility too. The felines do a lot to entertain everyone around them. Even though they land in a lot of troubles, the felines keep themselves away from all the emotional stuff.


When your cat shows you one strand of emotion and you don’t let him go. “This is why I prefer to ignore my hooman all day instead of being like his other pets.”


Cats are always lazy and getting five minutes of extra sleep doesn’t hurt at all.


When you don’t ask your cat before doing this to him, be prepared for revenge!


When your cats are living their best life and you burst their bubble. “This is why hoomans can never be happy. They don’t use their imagination at all.”


Cats are always relatable. But they will choose their comfort over everything else.

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