10 Hilarious Cat Posts On Tumblr That You Can’t Miss


You can never say no to a cat. If they want to make you laugh, there is no other choice. Well, we don’t even wish for another choice. Who wouldn’t like to laugh at the hilarious things that the felines do. They are true masters of humor. No one does it like them. Cats can make us laugh without making any efforts. It comes naturally to them.

Here are some cat posts on tumblr that are impossible not to laugh at. Have a look or else you will regret.


Cats may be really smart, but just like androids they don’t stop charging themselves. You have to help them there hooman.


A teacher can scold any student on giving the wrong answer, but not when it’s a cat. Nobody ever scolds a cat.


Some cats like to change shapes and some don’t know about that secret power yet. You will figure out someday.


When you interrupt an important meeting where you were not invited. Ever happens with you?


It’s pretty clear now that who has been inspiring us since ages. We thought that it was the other way round. But we got it all wrong.

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There never goes a day without laughing on their cats for cat hoomans. Cats are always up to something weird and definitely hilarious. Go on and enjoy these pawsome cat posts on tumblr. We are glad you are here!


“I am very scared. This will help. Thank you for supporting me!”


Hooman: You were supposed to walk, not climb trees. How long am I supposed to stand here watching you?

Cat: As long as you love me…


“What is that? How do I do that? you have to teach me how to do that.”


Cats who roam around together, live together and are happy together.


We believe this happens with humans too. Some of us need company while we eat.

Stay safe, stay pawsome and don’t forget to spread happiness around!

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