10 Hilarious Cat Memes That Only Cat Hoomans Can Understand


Cats are pawsome and they do as they like. But there are certain things that only their hoomans can understand. If you are a cat hooman, then you will definitely understand these memes really well. Cats do weird things all the time just to put a smile on everyone’s face. There are a lot of things that cats do just to make sure that their hooman’s life is never dull.

Here are some hilarious memes that only cat hoomans can understand. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know what cat hoomans go through!


Cats will judge you till the time you stop doing what you are not supposed to do. The felines know the purrfect way to make anyone do what they want.


Sometimes you have to take it easy and do what you feel like doing. Cats do that all the time and you need to learn it from them.


You are not supposed to go anywhere without your cat, especially in the bathroom.

Cats are scared of water and they fear that their hoomans will drown in the bathtub. So it’s very important for the cats to be present with their hoomans at such moments.


Cats are ruling the world because they know how to stay calm even in the storm. If you ever need balancing tips, please find a cat.


Cats are the ones to surprise everyone. But at times, they get surprises too.

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Cats are really curious creatures and they don’t stop till the time they find out everything about their hoomans.


When you tell the cat not to do something that he loves to do, this is how he will react. “What are you talking about, hooman! I think that you have gone crazy.”


Cats can also have some regrets in life. This doesn’t happen only to hoomans.


Cats can be really mean to the world, but they really care about the ones that they love.


Cats don’t like it when their hoomans make fun of them. The felines are allowed to make fun of their hoomans and not the other way round.


You better stay away from the one that cats care about. They won’t let you breath once you hurt their loved ones.

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