10+ Hilarious Cat Logics That Humans Will Never Understand


Cats don’t do things by the book, they do it by their head. This means that you will never be able to predict what they are about to do next. It’s a complete secret just like the logic they use. Nevertheless, cats do make us laugh.

Here are some awesome cats you need to have a look at!


“You need to get up and do some cleaning now. It’s getting really messy in here now.” Cats do rule us!


“My hooman keeps on giving me water in a bowl. I finally got to drink it in a glass now. It’s not easy though. How do humans do it all the time!”


This is how cats sleep. But you better mind your own business.


“Thank you hooman for getting this for me! I really appreciate it.”


When your hooman finally gets you a box, but the wrong size. “It’s okay. I will manage with this for now. But you can do better than this. Stop getting me shiny toys and get a huge box instead.”

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Did you get the hilarious cat logic? Even we didn’t, but we love these pawsome felines anyways.


“I have got the best hooman in the world. He’s smart, gets me empty boxes and doesn’t waste money on stupid toys.”


“What are you reading there? Can I take a nap on your lap now? It’s been ten minutes since I did that.”


“Wait, I will catch it for you. Nothing in this world can escape a cat.”


“Why are you sitting on my shoes? Don’t tell me you peed on them again! This is how my cat takes revenge.”


“Hi there! You found me again. I am getting bored of this game now. Let’s go and break some stuff!”


When your cat finally finds the most comfortable place in the entire house to sleep.


“Are you done with your work yet? If not, just take a break. I am super bored and want to play something.”

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