10 Hilarious Animal Pictures With Their Pawsome Stories


Some animals are just pawsome and there’s no better word to describe them!

#1 This orangutan got bored of its own kind. It’s a rare kind of friendship, an adorable one.

In a Belgian zoo, the otters and primates live together. They’re friends and the baby orangutan plays hide and seek with the otters.

#2 This baby zebra started believing that his caretaker is his mother.

This baby zebra ran away from lions and hid among sheep. Now the man is her mommy. The newborn zebras memorize the colors of their parents so he has to wear this coat.

#3 When all you is a little care and a big hug.

This worker at a rehabilitation center hugs a newborn walrus that lost his family and was saved by the fishermen from Alaska.

#4 Best thing we saw today!

My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today!

#5 And he finally said yes!

Most Watched - Video of the Day

My baby helped my boyfriend propose to me yesterday!

#6 And the employee of the year goes to…

My dad works at home and chooses the best employee every quarter. It’s always our dog Meeka.

#7 We definitely need to do something to protect these pawsome animals.

The fawn mistook this dummy for his mother.

#8 Anything brighter than this smile!

I’ve been waiting 6 years to get a dog and the day finally came. Meet Archie!

#9 Some cats are full of emotions and can’t hide them.

These pictures of our cat Drax were taken 4 months apart. When we got him from the animal shelter, his back half had practically no fur and he weighed just 4.5 lb. He’s really fluffed out!

#10 When your cat was supposedly on a diet, but you find the truth.

My cat is on a diet. I found his stash.

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