10+ Funny Photos Of Silly Cats Being Cats


Cats will be cats and continue doing their silly stuff. But we are always looking for some meaning in what they do. What if felines have been doing just they feel like all this while and we have been wasting our time trying to interpret it. Like is there really something or are the felines just like to be weird and silly? Well, we will never find out what goes on inside a cat’s head. Nevertheless, we enjoy everything they do. Keep being pawsome little cats! You all are weirdly adorable.

Here are some cats that are just busy doing their silly thing. You will surely have a good laugh after looking at them.


“I was hanging out for some time. I want to get back in now. Can you let me in?”


“Every time my cats gets scared, he goes and hides behind the curtains. Isn’t he adorable?”


“We finally stole it. Let’s hide it before our hooman comes back home. We are all set for the party tonight.”


“I finally found all my stuff that went missing. Guess who is the thief!”


We can never understand cat logic. Can you?

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Our cats have been really busy lately keeping us all happy. How would we ever manage to stay happy without such pawsomeness in the world! We are so blessed to have cats around us. Their heads are always filled with weird ideas. The best thing is that they don’t think before they act. Cats just do what their heart says and this is the biggest inspiration for all of us. Do you agree?


When you forget to feed your kitty for one day, he will do this to you for an entire week.


“I want to get tanned evenly. So let’s split the sunlight time.”


“I was just stretching out, but you were not supposed to see this. But why are you up so early?”


“My cat likes to do stuff that puts his life in danger. I am literally his super hooman.”


That look says it all!

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