10+ Funniest Pictures of Malfunctioning Cats


Cat hoomans know very well that cats have different moods. But there are also times when they fail to understand what their cats are up to. Our sneaky fur balls have a side that we are unaware of. You may know about it only if you are lucky enough to catch them in their element.

#1 That phase when you are tired of sleeping and decide to sleep instead.

#2 “The power of light may bless us all!”

#3 Disappointed at not being able to express his true feelings. Cats need some alone time too when they are upset.

#4 When your cat is not in a mood to move and stares at you till you pick them up. BTW, what a pretty bikini!

#5 “My cat was trying to imitate me and he fell asleep this way.” Well, no doubt cats are super talented.

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#6 Brought home a cat, got to know it’s actually a bat!

#7 Too lazy to move or care!

#8 When you learn the art of enjoying your own company.

#9 This cat is pretty confused and don’t know if she should fall asleep in there or is it too weird.

#10 This cat’s hooman talks a lot. He finally found a quiet place where he can stare at the ceiling peacefully.

#11 Too lazy to get up? Get a cat!

#12 “My upside down view is better than yours. Also, you are not flexible enough.”

#13 “Creativity strikes at 2 am, that’s when I come alive.”

#14 When things get crazy, but you are busy hanging.

#15 “My cat knows when I am clicking her pictures. So she start acting like she doesn’t care.” Cats know how to get candid pictures better than their hoomans.

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