10 Cats Who Got A Gift From Nature


Cats are pawsome beings and they deserve all the love in the world. The nature made sure that the felines got what they deserve. When nature makes someone, it puts in all its love. And when it comes to cats, there has to be an extra dose of love. This is why the hearts of our felines are filled with pure love. As adorable as our cats are from within, so are they from the outside as well.

Here are some pawsome cats who got a gift from nature. Meet these cats and you will fall in love with them instantly too!


This cat has a different shade of lips and it doesn’t look normal. What color lips does your cat have?


Bushy eyebrows and a long nose, was he really supposed to be a cat or it was mistake?


This cat couldn’t choose one color, so he went for both of them.


This cat has fought many wars and won them too. The sword on its back tell all the stories loud and clear.


When the cat wished for an extra long tail and got it too, it’s called wish fulfilled.

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This cat may not be happy about his long tail now. But he will be as soon as he discovers its hidden talents. Everything happens for a reason and it’s always purrfect.


Cats have pawsome eyes color and this kitty here has two different shades.


This cat looked at himself in the mirror for the first time and it seems that he got the surprise of his life.


Who has the softest fur among all the cats in the house? This adorable cat here. Look at these innocent eyes. It seems like they have a story to tell.


You need not go anywhere when the whole universe exists in your cat’s eyes.


This cat misses his two best friends. He even has a picture of his duck friends right above his eyes.

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